Tree Pruning/ Shaping

We offer many different types of pruning all performed to a professional standard. These include

- Target Pruning                       - Weight Reduction

- Crown Thinning/ Lifting        - Dangerous Limbs

- Hedging                                   - Shaping

- Power line Clearing               - Roadside Pruning

- Deadwooding                        - Storm Damage


Tree Felling/ Block Clearing

Tree felling is a very technical skill which should only be performed by a professional. If your redeveloping a property and need the block cleared or your planning ahead with bush fire preparation before a hot Australian summer. We have the knowledge, equipment and experience to complete each job safely.

Tree Assessment

If your unsure on the health of your trees then look no further. We can offer our expert opinion with no cost or obligation. If there's a tree that's a bit of a worry feel free to give us a call.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps can be dangerous and unsightly in the wrong place. Along with the potential of attracting termites. Freshly cut stumps can be a pain with the root system causing them to re shoot over and over. Stump removal is performed with a stump grinding machine which completely removes the root ball and therefore removing its life source. Leaving an excellent mulch which is great for re planting. Our machine is only 800mm wide which helps get into the tightest of spots.

Tree Removal

Nobody likes to see a beautiful tree get removed but as all living things, we have a use by date! Here's some reasons to make tree removal necessary. Whether it be age, outgrowing its space, insects, fungi, soil or root damage if the time comes we would love to help. We specialize in

- Tree removals of any size and species

- Confined space tree removals

- Palm tree removals

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